New PC Build - A Bumpy Start

New PC Build - A Bumpy Start

I was hoping to have started the PC build back on Friday, but without warning, the delivery company decided to separate the consignment into two packages.  The first was the computer case, the Coolermaster HAF X.  This case – whilst not as sleek as I would have liked – it has enough space, good airflow, good cable management, and finally a reasonable price!

It arrived fairly early and so I did what many people do these days, I recorded video of myself unboxing it.  It wasn’t until a few hours later that I leaned that was all I was getting that day, so I ended up re-boxing it and waiting until Monday for the rest of the components to arrive.

The big day finally arrives?

So I wake up after a late night working on a new Windows Phone app (more on that in the future) and I jump into the shower to freshen up. I hear the knock on the door and my brother accepting the package of goodies, and so I finish up and prepare for my day of building.

I open the non-descript brown box and proceed to film myself rummaging through and examining what was inside.

Everything I had ordered was there, but then I notice something a little off with the processor. There was a sticker saying it was a socket 1156 version, where what I needed was socket 1155. Not sure if it was an error on mine or my brother’s part while ordering, or a mix-up on the other end, but as you can imagine this was not what I had hoped for.

So we packaged it up – after having already unboxed, videoed and photographed it – and we arranged with eBuyer to exchange it. So whilst it means an even longer wait, I did take the opportunity to splash a little more of my rapidly depleting cash on getting a better Quad Core processor, as opposed to the Intel Dual Core i5 I had chosen before.

So I continued to open the component boxes, recording as I go, and then I start to think about, how I was going to route cables, and what order I should start installing the bits that I already have, into the case.

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