How should “The Day of the Doctor” end?

How should “The Day of the Doctor” end?

We have less than a week until the highly anticipated 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who – and while there is speculation about what may be contained in it, or the story elements.

I have a clear idea how I would like to see the episode end, in an attempt to close a gap in narrative, and ready the series for the next 50 years!

At the end of the episode… John Hurt as the War Doctor has taken some stick from the 10th and 11th Doctors about his and the 8th Doctor’s decision to renounce his ideals and title of The Doctor.

But throughout the course of the episode has shown his reasonings, and reconciled the need to do whatever it is he has done.  This results in him giving his life to bring about Peace.

For some reason said or unsaid, the two Doctors take their TARDIS(s) back to the same junkyard where we found the 1st Doctor and his dying body is left there as he begins to regenerate.

The 11th and 10th Doctors depart allowing him to regenerate alone (perhaps at his own request), and when finished we see the 9th Doctor’s hand reach for his Sonic Screwdriver.  It starts to beep and flash, and then the camera changes to a far away shot, as the 9th Doctor starts running out of the junkyard – past the old Coal Hill School – and finally pulling away as he heads towards the department store where he first met Rose.