Some advice for Nintendo...

Some advice for Nintendo...

With the struggle Nintendo has had securing third-party support, and a drought of internally developed titles yet to be released, I have found myself pre-occupied with thoughts on how they can solve some of these issues at least in the short term, until their internal studios have had time to complete the titles they are currently developing.

So here are my thoughts on some ideas Nintendo could do to address some of these issues. Some are token gestures, and others make some business sense…

  • Marketing campaign which clearly explains that the Wii U is a new console with HD graphics, and new games, a “sequel” to the Wii
  • Price drop for the console of about $50 – $80 (£45 – £65)
  • Ditch the basic SKU so there is only one
  • Release Luigi’s Mansion on the GameCube Virtual Console (cheap for limited time only), with Pro controller support, and help drive sales of Luigi’s Mansion 2
  • Include the Pro controller with every Wii U, and free/cheap Pro controllers for existing Wii U owners
  • Host a Nintendo Direct detailing the changes and a message to developers offering help with porting engines to Wii U, and offering parity of controls with other platforms thanks to the pro controller
  • Offer token money/guarantees to the likes of EA and Activision et al to secure multiplatform release of the big hit game releases for the next 12 months from the summer – enough time for Nintendo’s internally developed games to release
  • Marketing campaign to include indie titles released on the eShop

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