More content, coming soon

More content, coming soon

It is with great relief that I post this here today. For the past 2 years I have gone through idea after idea, and design after design in an attempt to bring my static, hand-crafted website out of the dark ages and into the present day.

Whilst not all down to my indecisiveness, and general laziness, I have had some significant setbacks in my health and general well-being which have contributed to the lack of activity.  But I have finally gotten my site setup in a way I am happy with, and I am in the process of transferring the content from my previous site and expanding upon it, and then adding some of the things I have been doing in between my personal issues.

I have been and gone from the world of Facebook, and have come to embrace Twitter and the stupendously addicting and wonderful netcasts from Leo Laporte and his TWiT Network.

So in closing, I will be adding content from here on out to the site, and once the old content is up, I will dump the old site and will then await what comes.  So thank you for visiting, and I hope this site becomes a haven from real life and issues, if not from you than for me!

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