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TWiT Idents

With the new studio coming in Late Spring, and the new Logo coming into use, here is a new opening for TWiT…


Video Scrapbook

A few videos here which I couldn’t find a place for on the site…


Noise Advert for University

An advert I made to raise awareness of how Noisy Neighbours can ruin lives…


mdta Retro Stripes Ident

Inspired by the grunge style, as well as a little 80′s retro stripes…


mdta Grunge Ident

I seem to make a new ident for my work every year, and 2008 is no exception…


Current TV Promos

Current TV aired one of several promos I submitted to them for their VC2 Promos…


mdta Sliding Room Ident

My 2007 ident, a soft and sedate sofa style of identity…


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