Current TV Promos

Current TV Promos

Current Cubes

This is a promo I made and submitted to Current TV. This one is a simple guide to explain how Current TV works. This one was so popular, it made it on-air, and was the first promo made in the UK to feature on the channel.

Forever Forward

This is a short ident I made and submitted to Current TV. The movement over the bridge represents the non stop pace of the world, and I included a tagline, showing how Current TV is keeping up with the pace of the rest of the world.

Current Pods

Following in a similar vein to my Current Cubes promo for Current TV. This one is a slightly more in depth look at not only how the channel works, but the process you go through to submit content and have it appear on-air.

  1. thanks for sharing, just started as a broadcast design jnr, this has been helpful ∑:-3

  2. Feel free, the animations were all designed to be viewed by the public!

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