TWiT Idents

TWiT Idents

First of all, if you are a geek, nerd, or just interested in the internet and technology, and have never heard of Leo Laporte, or the TWiT network, you need to visit and educate yourself RIGHT NOW!!

Secondly its a good idea to remind you that as well as all the shows available to download, you can watch as they stream live from their TWiT Cottage – soon to be replaced by the brand new, purpose built, TWiT Brick Studio.

So to celebrate the move to the new home, and all the upgrades to come for the graphics and video capabilities, I decided to develop a few idents they can use at the start of the videos. 

The main ident will be blue, as is the TWiT colour, but below are orange and green variations, and many more can be made if needed to give some variety to the editors to match the ident to the show’s colours.

Many great animators have submitted animations for many of the shows, and so I have no doubt some better idents are on the way with the new look, but I am posting them here so you can all take a look.

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